Capital New York: A scaffold law debate over its minority impact

The law is a source of annual conflict at the Capitol, and supporters of the law held their own press conference to support the “Construction Insurance Transparency Act of 2014”, a bill sponsored by Assemblyman Francisco Moya that would require insurers who issue liability insurance against the scaffold safety law to file annual financial statements and detailed claim data with the state’s superintendent of financial services. (The bill number and text will be available next week.)

“We hear all the time that the Scaffold Safety Law is driving up insurance rates, but the industry has never backed up these claims with hard actuarial data,” Moya said in a press release. “Given how critical this protection is to keep construction workers safe — and particularly immigrant and Latino workers who face the greatest dangers — it would be patently irresponsible for lawmakers to take any action on the law in the absence of this data. It’s unclear that such changes are necessary – and they could even put workers at risk.”

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