Daily News: Letter: It’s about saving workers’ lives

Once again, opponents of the Scaffold Safety Law in New York State are looking to sacrifice worker safety in order to protect the insurance industry. This time it’s a group called Common Good (“Group seeking to repeal N.Y. Scaffold Law that hikes insurance costs for rail tunnel plan under Hudson River,” Oct. 17), which is trying to undermine a law that has been the bedrock of construction safety in this state for generations.

Insurance companies, through front groups, are fighting to weaken the Scaffold Safety Law while opposing the Construction Insurance Transparency Act, legislation that would require them to open their books and provide real data to back up their claims. But the Daily News didn’t even mention this. In fact, the paper didn’t even try to balance the article with any opposing opinion on the issue.

The fact is, insurance costs were high in New York for all construction work categories regardless of the Scaffold Safety Law — including road construction and paving, where the law does not apply.

Special interests opposing the Scaffold Safety Law continue to play loose with the facts, but as we have seen all too clearly, we need to maintain construction safety standards across the state. The lives of too many workers depend on it.

Gary La Barbera, President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York

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