DNA Info: Construction Worker Deaths Show Need for Safer Work Sites, Advocates Say

The last time Monica Velazquez saw her father was on Thanksgiving dinner last year.

The next morning he went to his worksite, a car dealership in Staten Island that was being demolished, and was killed when its roof collapsed.

Delfino Velazquez, a 46-year-old construction worker with Formica Construction, was one of a rising number of fatalities at city worksites, activists say.

“I miss my father every single day and my heart aches because I know his death was entirely avoidable,” Monica Velazquez said Monday as she stood on the steps of City Hall with construction workers, their unions and work safety advocates.

All had gathered to ask the city for safer work conditions on construction sites and a more aggressive prosecution of safety offenders, they said. 

A recent report by the New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Heath shows that Velazquez was one of 15 construction workers killed on the job in the city in 2014.

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