Legislative Gazette: Scaffold Law debate heats up over dueling reports on safety and costs

A new report released last Thursday by a pro-labor, pro-immigrant rights advocacy group criticizes

the construction industry for using what they call misleading figures and cherry picking data to lobby against the state’s controversial “scaffold law.”

The scaffold law is a century-old law in place to protect worker’s rights. Under the law, contractors and property owners serving as contractors are responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees or become liable for any on-site injuries and accidents.

Opponents of the law point out that contractors are fully liable for workers’ injuries even if it is determined the worker is at fault. Opponents say it is outdated and causes construction costs to rise due to the increased costs of insurance premiums. Supporters of the law say it provides common sense protection for workers performing a dangerous job and maintain that contractors are not held liable in court if proper safety precautions are in place.

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