New York Daily News: LETTERS: ‘Fair laws’ & ‘Unnoticed heroes’

Fair laws

Manhattan: I commend Errol Louis for taking a strong stand on behalf of the health and welfare of New York’s construction workers. But there was one detail in his description of the “reform” proposed by the construction industry that stands correcting. He writes that the industry officials want to be able to “avoid or limit liability if they can prove that an accident was the fault of the dead or injured worker.” But the law already gives them a path to avoid liability: complying with worksite safety laws and providing workers with the necessary mandated safety equipment and training. If they fulfill their obligations, they will not be held responsible for accidents that occur. In this way, the law provides a powerful incentive for worksite safety. That’s why workplace safety advocates like me are determined to protect it. 

-Charlene Obernauer, Executive Director, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health

Unnoticed heroes

Brooklyn: Thank you, Errol Louis: It’s about time someone recognized the plight of the construction worker (“When lawsuits protect hardhats,” column, April 17). We suffer more deaths than firefighters and cops combined, yet when one of ours falls, we get very little attention. People take for granted the bridges, roads and buildings they use and occupy as they make a living, but many times there were built on the blood of a hardhat. It’s this lack of recognition that led to my originally forming the 9/11 Hard Hats. There were countless stories of heroism performed by my fellow brothers and sisters, but little said about them.

-Andy Sullivan

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