Saratogian: Labor unions back bill that would examine New York’s controversial Scaffold Law

The state’s much maligned Scaffold Law drew strong support from labor unions and their allies Tuesday as they endorsed a bill forcing insurance companies to disclose costs related to the worker-injury measure.

“For years a moneyed coalition of insurance companies and property owners have been trying to get rid of a law that protects construction workers … construction remains the most fatal sector in America,” Assemblyman Francisco Moya (D-Queens), one of the sponsors of the Construction Insurance Transparency Act of 2015, said during a press conference.

He said insurance companies have never supplied any actual data to back up the claims made by opponents that the law, which places all liability for an accident on the employer, increases costs. Advocates said Tuesday that from 2009 to 2011, “there were 101 fatalities in New York alone. 74 percent of the victims of fatal construction falls in NYC and 60 percent of the victims statewide between 2003 and 2011 were Latino and/or immigrant workers.”

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