Times Union: EDITORIAL: ‘Resist industry pressure; it won’t be futile’

The American Insurance Association last week stepped up opposition to a bill from Assemblyman Francisco P. Moya, D-Queens, who wants to require insurance companies to reveal data that would clarify the true impact of the Scaffold Law on insurance rates.

Gary Henning, the association’s northeast region vice president, said in a statement: “The arduous task of compiling the voluminous information required under A8745 would not provide new or useful insights.”

We beg to differ. Scaffold Law opponents are all too quick to link New York’s high construction costs to the Scaffold Law, which imposes “absolute liability” for injuries from work site falls. But is the law really the culprit?

What this opaque debate needs is hard data, which could help answer that question. Until it’s forthcoming, the Legislature should leave the Scaffold Law intact.

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